How to create a talent profile manually❓✏️

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At times, it happens that a talent has to be created manually. This can be triggered by various events. How creating a Talent Profile works, is explained in the following. 

What is a Talent Profile❓

A talent profile is a profile of a talent, which stores all relevant data about a person and about user and recruiter activity. Relevant data are for example: first and last name, email, education level, resume, current position, email history, notes about the person and many more. 

What problem does a talent profile solve❓

The talent profile presents all relevant data, activity and communication logs in a clear form of representation.

Why is a talent profile important❓

It is the place where you can collect and keep all data and information of a talent. It therefore creates transparency for relevant colleagues and makes a collaborative work on the same person easy. 

How to create a talent profile❓✏️

➡️ First, the Recruiter view is called up.

➡️ Then click on "Talents" in the left selection area.

Now all talents that are already in the system are displayed


➡️ Next, click on "Create talent" in the upper right corner


Now the corresponding "Create talent" overview is displayed. Within this view, all relevant information of the talent can now be entered manually. Among other things, files can be uploaded, user-defined fields can be used and privacy queries can be created.

All fields marked with a * must be filled in!

Within this window you can see which data can potentially be entered. This is only a short snippet of this feature.


❗️As soon as personal data are manually stored into a system, the relevant person must be notified of this. If the talent has not given its consent yet, the collected information will not be displayed in the talent profile. The data will only be displayed within the profile, once the talent's data protection query has been confirmed.❗️

➡️ Via the privacy query, a personalised consent link can be forwarded to the talent either manually or automatically. 


➡️ Once all the necessary and existing data has been entered, the last step is to click on "Create talent".


👇🏽 This is what a talent profile can look like. 👇🏽


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