Overview of the Talent Profile

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The Talent profile is the central place where all the data and information about the talent are gathered


The Talent profile page is organised in three main areas:

  1. a Main Card on top, that contains all the main information about the Talent and all the available contact information
  2. a Tabs area, right below the Main card. Here you can find:
    • Activities > a chronological history of all the activities done on this profile
    • Notes > notes or comments that users can add to this profile
    • E-Mails > history of the personal messages between the Talent and the users (can be synced to Outlook or Google)
    • Jobs > an area where users can assign relevant jobs to the Talent or can also see for which jobs the Talent has applied to
    • Referrals > if there is any referral for this Talent, will be shown in here
    • Experience > an area where Work Experience and Education History are displayed
    • Skills > Can be extracted to filter more precisely 
    • Languages > To see which languages a talent speaks 
    • Attestations and Certifications > if they are necessary for a job position 
    • Reminders (if there is any set)
    • Tags 
    • Pools
    • all predefined fields and custom fields
    • files attached to the profile a right-side column with all other information and possible actions. In this section you can find:
    • Drag & Drop 



1. The Main Card


The Main Card is the area where all the main information are shown:

  • Picture of the Talent (when available), otherwise we show an avatar with the name's initials
  • First Name and Last Name
  • Current job title and current company (when these information are available)
  • all contact information (when available)
    • e-mail address
    • telephone number
    • location (Google API)
    • Social Media link (it can be LinkedIn, Xing, a personal website etc.)
  • Status of the GDPR Consent (see more below)
  • Talent status


Under the button "Actions" are collected all the actions that can be done on a Talent profile.

These actions can change based on the permissions and role of the user and on the status of the Talent (example: if the Talent is locked because there is no GDPR consent, the available actions will be very limited)


When the Talent has provided the consent and the profile is unlocked, the possible actions are:

  • Add a reminder about the Talent
  • Generate consent link
  • Send consent e-mail
  • Send Talent to ATS
  • Edit Talent
  • Delete Talent



When the Talent hasn't provided the consent yet, the profile is blocked, and the actions allowed are limited:

  • Generate consent link
  • Send consent e-mail (only if an e-mail is present in the Talent profile)
  • Unlock the Talent (⚠️ only possible for Admins and not recommended!)
  • Delete Talent



Manage GDPR Consent Status:

When a Talent enters the system, we must ensure to correctly manage the GDPR consent. In the Talent profile, it is possible to immediately see what is the status of the consent for each Talent.


The consent status can have different values and dates shown. The dates indicates the last event happened related to that status.

Example: Consent given > date of the last consent given


2. The Tabs


This tab shows the full history of all the activities logged on the Talent profile, for example: creation, consent acceptance, added to Pool, assigned to a job, and much moreThe_tabs_.webp


The tab Notes collects all the notes and comments users can add on this profile to further qualify the Talent and to enhance the communication within the Recruiting team.



In the Emails tab, it is possible to see the history of the exchange of personal messages between Recruiters and the Talent. It is also possible to sync the personal inbox of the  Microsoft or Google account.


When no e-mails have been sent:



When a user is about to type an e-mail:



When there are e-mails sent to the Talent and Talentry is synced with the personal inbox of the user:




On the Jobs tab it is possible for Recruiters to assign jobs to the Talent, as well as see all the previously assigned jobs and applications related to the candidate

When no jobs have been assigned yet:



When a user is assigning a job:



When one or more jobs have been assigned to that Talent:



The Referrals tab is going to be shown only if there is any referral for the Talent, and it will contains the information of the referral


Experience Tab

In this tab it is displayed the work experience and the education history of the Talent. These information can be filled in:

  • manually in the Creation/Edit modal
  • using Talentry Sourcer, the Chrome browser extension
  • using CV Parsing


🚫 If none of the methods listed above have been used to collect work or educational information, the tab will not be displayed.



This tab shows you which skills a talent has. It makes it easier to find the right position, that matches the skills of a talent. 




In Langauges Tab its possible to see which languages a talent speaks and also to which level the talent is able to speak. 



Attestations and Certifications

If a talent has a certification that is necessary for a job, you can also add it to the profile. With all the needed information. 


3. The right-side column

The right-side column is dedicated to operational actions as well as all further information about the Talent.

In this column are shown:

  • Reminders (when existing)


  • Tags
    • assign tags to the Talent
    • see existing tags assigned to the Talent
    • remove existing Tags


  • Pools
    • assign the Talent to a Pool
    • see which Pools the Talents already belongs to
    • remove the Talent from Pools


  • About card > contains all the information for the predefined fields in Talentry


  • Custom fields card > contains all the information for the custom fields


  • Files card > if any file is uploaded into the Talent profile, it will be listed in this card. It is possible to:
    • download a file
    • deleted a file
    • preview a file (only .pdf)



Drag & Drop Talent Fields to re-arrange the Talent profile

How does this work❓

Follow the path - Recruiterview > ⚙️ > CRM > TalentProfile


Then click on "Manage". After clicking on it another window appears.


Here you can manage the Talent Fields of the Talent Profile.

Pre-defined Talent Fields such as First NameLast NameE-mail, etc. are not drag-and-droppable.

The Drag & Drop feature is only useable with all Talent Fields that you have created on your own.

If a Talent Field is selected, you can drag and drop it using the six dots symbol going up or down. Now you can arrange the Talent Fields in a much more efficient way.

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