Central Tag Management: How to bring structure to your talent relationship platform 🧹

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🏷 Central Tag Management 🏷

By managing talent tags centrally you can
keep track of all tags used
set predefined tags
and limit permissions for creating and deleting tags



Talent Pools & Tag Management 

Tag management makes it possible to systematically use tags as a valuable filter instrument. What's important is the way pools, tags and talent-profile fields works together. These different dimensions complement one another well and improve the efficiency of search and filter functions.


What are tags❓

Tags are keywords with which talent leads can be labelled in your CRM system. 

What problem do tags solve❓

Large amounts of data are worthless without categorisation and segmentation, etc. A combination of talent pools and tags helps you to give these large volumes of data a structure. They also make it possible to identify and select talent leads more quickly at a later date. 

Why are tags important❓

You have the possibility to refine your target market-segmentation with any manner of combinations using filter and search functions.

Why is tag management important

Theoretically, any Talentry user can assign as many tags as the want. This may be user-friendly, but can dilute the value of tags, for example, when different spellings or terms are being used by users for the same thing. You can counteract this effect with central tag management, for example, by limiting permissions to create tags or by predefining a set of tags. 

Where are tags found, created, managed and assigned❓

❗️Tag management is restricted to ADMINS and SUPERRECRUITERS❗️

Finding tags 🔎

Once you are in the Recruiter view, in the bottom left, click on Settings ⚙️ » CRM » Talent Tags. You are then in central Tag Management (see screenshot). 

Important: this function is automatically enabled. If you wish to give your recruiters  the possibility to continue creating tags, you need to turn the switch to "OFF". 


Creating tags 🏷

To create a new tag, simply click on "Create new

tag".  Enter an appropriate tag, for example, "Alumni", in the popup window that appears. 

Then click on "Create new tag" so that the tag appears in the overview and can be selected.



Managing tags 🕹

The column  with the tag overview "Number of Talents" shows how often the relevant tag has been used in your Talentry CRM system. This allows you, for example, to decide whether a tag is useful or not and ultimately if you want to keep or delete it. It may also show that regularly used tags need to be subdivided to ensure that searches remain useful.

You can rename or delete a tag using the 🖊 or 🗑 symbol.

» To make sure that you really want to remove the tag, before deleting a tag, a system warning will appear with the number of talent profiles affected. « 


Assigning talent tags 🏷

To assign a tag to a talent profile, you must have already defined tags when enabling the tag management features. 

Tags are visible in two different views within the product:

1. In the Talent overview 


In the Talent overview, recruiters must first enable "Tags" to be displayed in their talent table in a new column. 

In the Recruiter view of the CRM, you will find the "Talents" tab on the left. You are then in the Talent view. Below "Create talent" you will find the ➕ symbol. Clicking on it shows an overview of all the talent fields you have created. You can select which additional fields you want to be displayed in your Talent overview - including Talent Tags. 

You have now completed the steps necessary for viewing tags that have been assigned in the Talent overview and for filtering and searching.

💡 In this view, you can also directly select talent leads and assign a new tag to all selected talent profiles. 



2. In the Talent profile 

But it is not only in the Talent overview that you can assign new tags to several talent leads at the same time: select a talent profile to view all activities and information.


To the right below "About", you will find a tab called "Add tag". Here you have the possibility to assign a new tag to the talent profile. 

How❓ By clicking on the input field and shortly afterwards entering the relevant word, such as "Bachelor". Then select the tag and this will be automatically added to the talent profile.

The selection is limited to tags previously created in Tag Management.



💡 Tips & Tricks 🗯

Want to know more about tag management and how tags can be used in combination with talent pools to structure your candidate data? We have summarised the most important things in a blog article for you.











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