How to enrich talent profiles using follow-up forms and campaigns

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In this article you will find out:

  • how you can use a form to collect even more information about people already in the system and how talent leads can use it to keep their profile up to date,
  • how you can include forms in a talent campaigns
  • and where follow-up campaigns can be used. 

What are follow-up forms? 

  • Follow-up forms help you to gradually collect information about registered talent leads and make your talent profiles more meaningful.
  • Talent leads can edit and update their profiles themselves (the email address can also be changed).
  • For a good candidate experience, existing information is pre-filled, so that your talent leads only have to fill in the new fields. 
  • This new information is added to the talent profile after the form has been successfully sent.

The form will only appear pre-filled if there is an existing contact with this email address in the system. Otherwise, the fields are empty as usual.


What do I need follow-up forms for? 

  • Short registration forms lower the hurdle for talent leads and increase the response rate.
  • You start by collecting basic information from as many talent leads as possible, e.g., for newsletter subscription or event registration.
  • In the next step, you gradually enrich this basic information and can then, for example, achieve more accurate segmentation for target-group-specific campaigns.
  • An additional benefit: in doing this, consent to data protection guidelines is reconfirmed and extended. 

Create the form in the usual way. It is important to select the correct settings for the follow-up form: 

Do you just want to update talent profiles? 

Select "Do not perform any further action" - because otherwise a new talent pool is created and the contact added to it.


You wish to keep an eye on updated profiles? 

Set up an appropriate pool, e.g., "Updated Profiles", and link your follow-up forms to this pool



How can I send the form with the help of a talent campaign? 

This step turns a follow-up form into an actual "follow-up" that will help you to enrich your talent profile data. To add a form to a Talent Campaign, use the Merge Tag.

  1. Start by creating a Campaign in the normal way.


  • Using the merge tag "Link to a talent form" select and insert the desired form. This involves a snippet of code in which you can customise the text displayed in the link

This generates a text in brackets: {{ brackets }}. The first part of the code includes the part of the link that uniquely identifies your form. This cannot be changed. The second part shows you the text that will appear in your campaign email. You will initially see our standard text "Click here to open the form". You can customise this as required by simply entering your desired text. This way, you can decide what text appears in your talent campaign as the so-called "call to action".

For example:  

{{ TalentFormLink : xyz | Click here to open the form }}

can be changed to

{{ TalentFormLink : xyz | Update profile now! }}

  • The campaign can be scheduled to be sent at a particular time as normal. 

In which campaigns can follow-up forms be used? 

  • Welcome emails, e.g., after registering for a pool or newsletter
  • Event follow-ups
  • Regularly updating profiles
  • Renewing GDPR consent
  • Standard link to enrich profiles, e.g., in newsletters


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