Talentry Sourcer: create new Talent profiles or update existing ones using a Chrome browser extension

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Talentry Sourcer makes it easy to add new Talent profiles to the talents' list or update existing profiles with just a few clicks. According to the current status, the Sourcer can be used on the platforms LinkedIn (not LinkedIn Recruiter) and Xing.

➡️ Install the browser extension

  1. This link will take you to the Talentry Sourcer App in the Google Chrome Web Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/talentry-sourcer/ccaijeloniehecfmfegfgdplpahbccid
  2. Click on the button "Add to Chrome" to install the extension for the browser
  3. Now you can start right away


How to use the Talentry Sourcer❓

➡️ Create a new Talent

Creating a new Talent profile in the system from a LinkedIn or Xing profile, it is pretty easy with Talentry Sourcer:

  • Log in as usual on your Talentry platform as a Recruiter, Super-Recruiter or Admin
  • Go to LinkedIn or Xing and open a profile: Here you can now  use the Sourcer. After the installation you will find the icon of the extension on the top-right area of the browser:


NOTE: If you are on a profile page where the Talentry Sourcer is working, the logo will no longer appear in light grey (and disabled), but it will appear in dark grey with the typical blue Talentry dot and will become active.


If you can't see the icon, you can find it by clicking on Puzzle Piece (to the right of it) and pin it to always have it visible
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  • When you are on a profile, click on the Talentry Sourcer extension icon
  • After a short loading process, the small window of the sourcer opens, and you can check the information extracted and then create send the Talent in the system
  • Talentry Sourcer currently supports the extraction of the following information: 
    • First Name
    • Last name
    • Profile picture
    • Email address (when available)
    • Linkedin / Xing URL link
    • Work experience (under the "Experience" section)
    • Education history (under the "Experience" section)
    • Skills (under the "Experience" section) 
    • Languages (under the "Experience" section) 


  • Additionally, the user can also perform some actions on the profile before sending it to the Talentry system:
    • Set Talent Status
    • Choose preferred language
    • Add to one or more Pools
    • Add one or more Notes


  • The user will have to click on the "Send to Talentry" button to confirm the creation of the Talent in the system
  • Right after clicking on "Send to Talentry", the user will have to select an option to request the GDPR consent to the Talent



➡️ Request GDPR consent to the new Talent

Option 🅰️ - Generate Consent Link

This option is available to all users. A link is created and can be sent over to the Talent via private message (LinkedIn or Xing inbox, personal e-mail, SMS, etc.).

When the Talent clicks on the link, a landing page will open with the GDPR consent agreement text and the Talent will be able to grant or refuse the consent for the treatment of their data.


How to address the Talent when sharing the consent request link? If this is the first time you are getting in touch with this person, here you can find some examples or best practices on how to approach a new Talent

Option 🅱️ - Send consent E-Mail

This option is available to all users, but can only be used if there is an available e-mail address that has been extracted by the Talentry Sourcer.

When the user chooses this option, the Talent will receive an e-mail to request their consent for the treatment of their data.


At this point, the Talent you are creating might not even be aware of the fact you have selected them. Therefore, we recommend to use this option only if you have already got on contact with the person.

Option C - Unlock the Talent manually

This option is only available for users with Admin roles.

It will allow the user to work on this profile and use all the features available, but this feature needs to be used with major attention: processing a Talent profile and data without having their explicit permission, will break the rules of GDPR consent protection law.


If you want to keep your data compliant with the GDPR, we do not recommend this option. Please consult your data protection officer for details. 


Update an existing Talent extracting new information

If the Talent you are extracting already exists in your CRM, you will be informed within the Talentry Sourcer view: You will see a green information banner saying: "This Talent already exists!".


When extracting an already existing Talent, the user will be able to:

  • Open the existing Talent profile in the Talentry CRM
  • See if there are new information available extracted that can be pushed into the profile in the CRM
  • Edit the informations manually from the Talentry Sourcer:
    • Change the Talent Status
    • Change the preferred language
    • Add or remove Pools
    • Add or remove Notes
  •  To save the changes by clicking on the button "Update Talent"



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