How to use filters in CRM

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CRM gives you the possibility to search for candidates and filter them. Your talent list can be used to find the right candidates for the position you want to fill. It creates pools with candidates that have the skills and education of your need. 

For filtering all of your candidates by the characteristics you need to fill your position we have CRM filters for you to make the filtering process easier: 

We have multiple filter options in CRM, making sure that all our customer needs are fulfilled.

1. First of all attachments can be filtered by has a file and does not have a file. This option is available for attachments like CV, Cover Letter, Picture, etc. 


The second option is filtering by is, is not, contains, is known, is not known which means: 

  • is = looking for exact match
  • is not = should not have exact match
  • contains = looking for contains, partly match
  • is known = when there is a value
  • is not known= when we do not have any value


In the example you can see that the information current position can be filtered again. With contains for example the talent list can be searched for every talent that has “manager” in their current position name. With is specific positions can be filtered, for example just looking for talents with the current position of “head of marketing”. Not wanted current positions can be also excluded with is not

The options is known or is not known give you the possibility to search for talents that have the information included in their data or not. So for example all Talents can be filtered which “current position” is known.

3. In specific that means that is, is not and contains can be additionally filtered.
In the example you can see how consent can be filtered by is requested/ given/ expired/ renewal/ declined/ withdrawn


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