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Marketing experts know that email campaigns continue to be the classic way to regularly keep in touch. With Talentry, it is very simple to make use of this ongoing trend in your proactive recruitment activities with CRM.

The perfect fit: target-group-specific email campaigns

Your Talentry CRM allows you to track the contact history with talent leads. Thanks to smart filter and search functions, which form the basis for target-group-specific email campaigns, you will be able to build a lucrative talent pipeline. Whether graduates, blue-collar workers, digitalization specialists, engineers or managers - with the right content, you can inspire any talent group for your company. This is how you ensure that your communication is targeted and convincing. Do you need some ideas for your campaigns? We have a few suggestions for you in our latest blog post: 

How to Inspire Your Candidates: Six ideas for successful email campaigns

Your 5-minute crash course on Talent Campaigns: video tutorial

We have put together a short video showing you how to use Talent Campaigns with Talentry:


The basis: the Talentry Editor

You can easily design your own email with the Talentry Editor. Here, you will find a detailed article about using the Editor.

Contact information: create a footer for all email campaigns

Business emails, in particular, should have a signature/footer that includes the most important contact information for your company. So that you don't have to create this from scratch for each campaign, you can set up a footer for your emails centrally. Find out how to do it, here.

For regular communication purposes: email templates

Whether a classic newsletter, simple design template or even templates with reusable building blocks of text: there are many ways of making life easier with templates. You will find the most important information about using email templates here: 

Personalisation: how to use merge tags

Do you wish to use a personal form of address in your email campaign? Here, you will find what you need to know about so-called merge tags for personalisation.

HTML code: how to use ready-made HTML in campaigns

Do you have ready-to-use HTML code, for example, from your agency or marketing team? How to create a talent campaign from it.

Organisation: how to manage talent campaigns

Irrespective of whether you prefer to prepare things in advance, would like colleagues to check drafts or schedule an email to be sent at a later date - with Talentry Talent Campaigns it's very easy to manage email campaigns the way that suits you best. Here, we have created a summary of everything you need to know about managing campaigns.

Reporting: how to measure the success of your campaigns

Would you like to know which campaigns have worked well, where there is room for improvement or which of your contacts have received your emails? We have created a summary all about reporting for you.

Would you like to send campaign emails using a specific email address? 

You will find all necessary information about this Talentry service here.


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