How can I manage talent campaigns?

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Save your campaigns as a draft at any stage, so as to be able to continue working on them at a later date; or simply send the same campaign again by duplicating it. 


Save campaigns as drafts

While creating a new campaign, it can be saved as a draft at any time. It can be stored temporarily and edited again at a later time or even deleted.

In the overview of talent campaigns, campaigns saved as drafts are marked as such and are given the status "Draft" with the hourglass symbol.


Deleting campaigns 


You may want to delete campaigns that were only intended for testing or trying out from the overview.

No problem!

Drafts as well as campaigns that have already been sent can be easily deleted by clicking on the bin sign. 


Duplicate campaigns 

Recruiters can easily duplicate and resend campaigns that have already been sent, or edit them before resending.  9.webp


Unsubscribe from campaigns as a talent lead

In the footnote of each campaign, recipients have the option to unsubscribe from receiving further campaign emails with two clicks. 

Recruiters will see a note before sending that this part is automatically attached and no further action is required. 


This block is not configurable and the landing page is also universal for the time being.


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