How do I edit a talent campaign template?

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With the help of these templates, we would like to provide examples of how to create email campaigns with the Talentry Editor. The design and format corresponds to typical newsletters.

How do I edit a talent campaign template? 

  1. When creating a new talent campaign, there are 3 options to choose from: 
    • Use the Talentry Editor,
    • insert HTML code,
    • or use a template.


2. First, a template must be selected and given a campaign title.

3. In the next step, the recipients can be filtered and selected based on their assigned pools, statuses or tags. 

4. The email campaign must also be provided with a subject at this point. 


The Talentry template serves as inspiration and can now be edited with the Talentry Editor. 


The template consists of several tables. All tables are centred and 600px wide

This corresponds to the common email designs for desktops. 


Changes can be made by clicking on the respective table: add or remove rows / columns, change the colour (frame / filling).

Should the format of the table be edited, the width must then be adjusted back to 600px to create a consistent visual. 





Images that are already in the template can be exchanged by clicking on the table and the picture sign in the editor line. 

  • You can either insert existing images from the browser with the help of a URL,
  • or upload a new image


Also in this case, the size can (must) be adjusted afterwards. 

Font and colour 

The Talentry Editor offers different fonts and also different font sizes, 


as well as different colours.


Here again, there is also the possibility to save the campaign as a draft at any time! 

To create a duplicate of a campaign, simply copy all the text and paste it back into a new campaign. 

We wish you a lot of fun designing future talent campaigns!


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