Creating interactive elements within Talent Campaigns with the Editor.

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This article describes functions of our CRM system. 

If you don't have the possibility to use predefined HTML code, you can create individual talent campaigns and templates with the Editor. You can make use of many features that, for example, make your newsletter or a confirmation email something special. 


Use a banner image or your logo as a header for campaigns. 


The text layout can be customised with common settings, such as different size headings and bullet points etc. Merge tags (first name, last name) can be used to address talent leads personally.

In this article we explain how to create individual Talent Campaigns (Templates) with the Editor. 

Creating interactive elements: 


Use buttons, e.g. to graphically display links for registration.

On this page you can easily create a button as an image. You can edit the text, colour and font and download the finished "button". This can be uploaded in the editor and the recipient can then be directed to a registration page, for example, by placing a link on the image.


Social media linking 

You can also link to your social media channels in the same way. Upload the individual logos as an image in your Editor and link the individual images to your social media channels. 


Link blog articles or job advertisements

After you have decided which articles or job vacancies you would like to feature in your campaign, you can also enrich them with images and add a link to them. 


The footer should include your official contact details, as well as the email address that talent leads can use to unsubscribe from the newsletter. Check out our article on how to set up a general Footer for all your future Campaigns. 

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