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You will find the following content in this article: 

  1. Introduction Stories
  2. Ideas for stories
    1. External content
    2. Internal content


1. Introduction stories

Videos, team photos, insights from the last event: Make these stories available in our employee referral program Advocacy & Employer Branding - your employees will do the rest and share them in their social media channels. Do you already have a blog or social media presence? You can quickly and easily make this content available by simply linking to the post. By the way: With one click you can also make your stories available exclusively to your own employees and thus have an additional channel for internal communication.


2. Ideas for Stories


a. External content

  • Job profiles /Employees introduce themselves

  • Company profile

  • Working Culture

  • Corporate values

  • What is important for us in an application

  • Tour through our office // Location Stories

  • These are current projects

  • These are our brands

  • Innovations

  • Image film

  • We support charity projects

  • Friday Evening Beer - come and visit us

  • Sustainability - This is our contribution

  • Career opportunities in the company (example: intern becomes "manager")
  • Regularly addressing certain topics (e.g. dual studies, monthly recurring events)
  • Christmas greetings / Easter greetings
  • Q&A format with a real or fictional person
  • ...
💡 Plan the publication of some stories in advance. 


This will provide your users with regular news, but also continuous content to share with their network. Internal stories can also be planned if you can already involve certain events in the communication. 


b. Internal only:

  • Become part of our recruiting team

  • Be smart and use the App

  • The first setting

  • Max is now working on XXX with his recommendation

  • Anna donates her Reward to XXX

  • Should we also pay for your next coffee, then join in

  • Rate us on Kununu, Glassdoor etc.

  • Stories by MA for MA // You want to share something with your colleagues?

  • Virtual Afterwork

  • Painting competition for children of employees

  • Tips and tricks for our company

  • New rewards? New points system you want to communicate?
  • Announcement of a gamification challenges 
  • ...

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