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In accordance to the GDPR, talent data may only be stored in your CRM with the talent's consent for a certain period of time. If the consent has expired or the talent requests an earlier deletion, the talent must be deleted. 

This feature only affects customers using the Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)

What you can find in this article 

  1. Deletion principles and what data is deleted
  2. Manual talent deletion 
  3. Bulk deletion 
  4. Automatic talent deletion with the GDPR automation feature 

1. Deletion principles and what data is deleted

Any kind of deletion is since 15.02.2022 (2:01:43) a so-called soft deletion in the Talentry system. This means that the talent will still be counted as a number in your reports, but no more data will be stored and will not be visible to recruiters or us - a deletion is always irrevocable. 

The soft-deletion of talents yields many benefits, especially when looking at historic performance data ("how many talents did we contact?") that is of interest no matter if the talent is deleted today. It is important to understand though, that any kind of personal data is completely being removed to comply with applicable data privacy laws. What remains is a shell of the talent data object, which contains information like its ID, previous pool assignments and more.

⛔️ Data that is being deleted

  • Data that is stored inside any of the talent fields (phone number, current employer, social profile URL, etc.)
  • The talent profile image
  • Any kind of file uploaded to the talent profile, including any CVs and the parsed version of the CV.
  • Notes created by recruiters or hiring managers
  • Reminders that were set on the talent
  • Any email that was synced from a personal inbox and corresponds to the email address of the talent.
  • Information about the talent being sent to the ATS via integration and any kind of attachment that was sent with it. This includes applications that were created by the recruiter in Talentry.
  • Any so called external ID that Talentry had previously stored to identify the talent in another system owned by the customer, like an ATS.
  • Comments made by a referrer

 ✅ Data that we keep for future analysis

  • Talent status
  • Consent status (consent given, requested, expired, etc.)
  • Date and time the profile was created
  • Date and time of the last time the data of the profile was edited
  • Date and time the profile was deleted
  • Pool-subscriptions of the talent
  • Tags assigned to the talent
  • The technical source the talent was created from (import, manual, browser extension, talent forms, etc.)
  • Jobs assigned to the talent
  • Applications that were sent to the ATS
  • The history of the talent statuses the talent went through
  • The history of the consent statuses the talent went through
  • The activity log of the talent, but without any detailled information
  • Stats for talent campaign (opens, clicks)

2. Manual talent deletion 


As a Recruiter (CRM user) you always have the chance to manually delete a talent if needed. How do you do that? 

  • Click on the talent's profile you want to delete 
  • See what actions are hidden behind the action button 
  • Choose the action to delete the talent 


Deleting single talents manually is also possible on the talents list overview

  • Go to the row of the talent you want to delete and slide over to the ride side of it 
  • Click on the 3 dots "..." to see the possible actions 
  • Choose "Delete" 


Before deleting a talent, the system will make sure you really want to proceed with this action. 


3. Bulk deletion 

If you want to delete more than one Talent at the same time you can simply use the bulk - delete action. 

  • Go on a talent list - either the overall talent list or within a pool 

  • Select all talents you want to delete by ticking the checkbox in the very left column ☑️ 

  • Select the checkbox under the filter to select all talents ☑️ 
  • Click on the Actions button on top of the talent list to choose the option: delete selected talentsD2.png

4. Automatic talent deletion 

To make the storage of the talent data GDPR conform, we implemented the automated consent management including the automatic deletion when the consent expired / was refused or withdrawn. 

  • Go to Settings 
  • Under the CRM you will find the Consent Management tab
  • The last setting 7 is the automatic deletion of talent profiles. Make sure it is turned on and all settings above have been configured. 

❗️The automation will run in the background and talents will get deleted immediately and
irrevocably as soon as the legal basis of storing and processing is no longer given. 






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