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Studies have repeatedly shown that employees (in particular in German speaking countries) are often not prepared to move for a new job. But even recruiting events, unless they take place virtually, tend to have a local catchment area that is relevant for your invitation campaign, which should be as tailor-made as possible. These are just two reasons for us to offer you a geo-coordinate-based perimeter search for your talent pools. Our secret weapon for this: a new field for location and perimeter.


What is the Location field?

The location field represents the position of the talent in form of City, ZIP code, and Country. Talentry uses an integrated API from Google ("Powered by Google"), to make sure all the location data entered in the system are consistent across the CRM.

Location field allows you to:

  • Store a coordinate-based location for a talent
  • Filter talents by area (e.g.: “Bavaria”)​, city (e.g.: "Munich") or Zip code (e.g.: "80636")
  • Filter by a radius around a location (e.g.: “50km around Munich”)
  • Collect the location via talent forms​

Which problem does it solve?

From now on you can segment your talents quickly and easily on a regional basis. In addition, you define the catchment area as required. In this way you create the basis for further recruiting activities such as targeted active sourcing or a regional campaign.

Why is the Location field important?

The perimeter search helps you to really capture all the talent in the catchment area relevant to you - even those who live in rural areas that would fall through the grid if you were to make a precise search, for example for your company headquarters in Berlin. Especially with active sourcing, the success rate increases if you offer promising talents a job in the immediate vicinity that does not require a move. But this feature can also be helpful for campaigns. Because in the daily flood of emails, we filter for particularly relevant content that is tailored to our needs. Precisely tailored regional information, for example about the opening of a new company location or an applicants' day, shows appreciation and meets with more response.

In this article you can find how to:

  • Create a Location field in the system
  • Assign a Location to a Talent
  • Search and filter Talents based on the Location
  • Use Location field in forms (collect the location via talent forms​)

Create a Location field in the system

To be able to work with the perimeter search, you must create a corresponding field in your system. The field "ZIP or city" is activated for you by default and can be used immediately. If you would like to create additional fields for the proximity search, go to Settings > CRM > Talent fields and then click on "Create new field". Select a name for the new field (e.g. "Location" or "ZIP or City").



Then as the field type, you select "Location (for perimeter search)".


Assign a Location to a Talent

Add the Location field to the Talent profile

Once the field is created in the system, you can add it to the standard Talent profile by going to Settings > CRM > Talent profile and click on "Manage".

In there you can check the box to include the Location field in the list of fields to be represented in the Talent profile.


Manually add location information to a talent profile

If you create or edit a talent profile manually, you can simply enter the location information in the appropriate field. You will receive a list of suggestions as you enter it, just as you would from Google Maps or other map services.



This piece of information will be reported on the Talent profile page, as well as in the Talents' list in a dedicated column of the table.


Search and filter Talents based on the Location

From the Talents list page, you can click on "Add Filter" and search for your location field. Also for filters, the location search is "Powered by Google" API.

Example: Add Filter > Zip or City > ...



Additionally, you can also set a radius for a perimeter search.

Example: Add Filter > Zip or City > Munich, Germany > within a radius of 50Km


Use Location field in forms

The location field can also be used in forms. We therefore recommend that you use this field for all forms already in use and, of course, for all new forms. In this way you can ensure that talents who register for the first time have a geocoded location in their talent profile and are available for the perimeter search.

Go to Settings > CRM > Talent forms. There you can either create a new form or edit an existing one. Select the field that you have created for the perimeter search and replace an existing location field if necessary.



Talents can now conveniently enter a geocoded location directly when filling out the form. This not only improves your data quality, but also the user experience of your new talents.


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