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With CV parsing we are helping Admins, Super-Recruiters, Recruiters and Hiring Managers to save time and get even better results when searching for talents in their CRM. All relevant data you want to see on a talents profile doesn't have to get added manually or asked in (follow-up) forms. We will automate this process for you by extracting the data from your talents CV. 

This feature only affects customers using our CRM module with the use case Active Sourcing

❗️This feature is only getting activated for customer with a signed standard DPA Version 1.8 or equivalent. *


  1. Prerequisites
  2. When does CV parsing work? 
    1. Manually creating a new talent 
    2. Updating or editing a talent 
  3. What information is extracted from the CV? 


1. Pre-requisites: 

  • In a first step you have to make sure that the talent field "CV" is activated / visible in the talent profile (Settings - CRM - talent profile) 



2. CV parsing can be used when 


a. When manually creating a new talent 

  • Within the Talents view you will find the button on the upper right "Create talent". 


  • The important part is: uploading the CV. After you chose the corresponding file and uploaded it, the Extract data button will be activated and you can click on it. 


  • Upon clicking extract, all parsed information of the CV is then visible in the talent fields section on the left.
    This will save the time you would normally spend on creating talents from scratch and filling each field manually. 


  • Now click on the Create Talent button and the talent's profile will be created with all the parsed information now populated.


b. Updating / editing a talent profile

You have an existing talent in your system and want to parse the information from the existing CV file now to make all information of the talents document visible in their profile? 

  • Open the talent you want to edit or update
  • Click on Actions » Edit talent
  • If a CV is already uploaded to a talents profile or if you upload a new CV, click on the button "Extract data" to start the parsing process. 

 ➡️ Now any empty fields on the profile will be populated with the newly parsed data:


After: undefined-Aug-02-2022-03-31-24-26-PM.png

❗️ Information on existing fields will not be replaced by the CV parsing.



3. What information is extracted from the CV? 

We are extracting important data from a CV and fill the information if,

  • There was no input in this talent field before the parsing 

Be aware that work experience is also only parsed when there is not a single entry before.

We are extracting the following data from a CV and fill the information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • email (takes first if multiple)
  • current company
  • current position
  • work experience (not your custom field) 
  • education history
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone (not your custom field - take first if multiple)
  • Country
  • Education (highest degree as free text, take local description as given by TextKernel)
  • Preferred language (not your custom field - highest rated language skill -limited by activated platform languages. Platform default language if unsure)

Talent fields of the new categories are displayed both when parsing by uploading a CV in or also by using the browser extension on a new or also existing talent profile. 

Existing talent profiles are enriched with new information by parsing them again with the browser extension. 

The parsing capabilities are currently limited to the fields above which are our platform standard fields. If you you are using a custom field for one of our standard fields above, the parsing will not work for this field.  


* Why do we need a new DPA?

We use a new third party supplier named Textkernel for the CV parsing activity - as your supplier we are required to inform you about new third party vendors. Please align with your IT Security team if a new DPA needs to be signed or if a paragraph can be added to the current DPA)

If you would like to activate this feature-set please contact your CSM or our Support Team. 


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