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As you work with the Talent list, you can export talent data in an excel format and use it later for diverse purposes such as reporting, bulk data change or importing into another system. We care about your data security therefore, this feature currently is available for Recruiters, Super Recruiters and Administrators.


Select information needed

You can choose from two available options:

  • Export all available information in the database 
  • Export the data represented in currently displayed columns


Get a result

Soon after clicking the button “export talents” you will get an excel file ready to download directly in your browser. If you export big amounts of data the file to be sent via email so that you can focus on your daily tasks while the system is preparing the file for you. 

If you use GDPR feature - we do not export more data than is enough for you to clarify on Talent consent status. Therefore, you will be able to get only basic contact information: name, surname, email and consent status. 

Bulk data change

Together with Import functionality, this becomes a powerful tool to manage talent data, especially for bulk edit of talent information. So that you can export data, add some changes or additional information and then use it to import again into Talentry CRM.

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