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If a new tenant is created it comes with a number of predefined fields. Those fields are used to store different data about talents. We provide a base set of the most common fields that companies may use. We highly encourage you  to use those predefined fields as this will make your work easier in regards to data mapping - searching & filtering etc.

How to manage talent fields as a recruiter

Where to find the standard fields


  1. Navigate to the settings tab
  2. Find the point "Talent Fields"
  3. Here you have a list of all predefined & custom created fields

*Only Admins have access to this feature*

Create custom fields 

Since every customer is different and has their own processes, you have the option to add your own fields if needed. 


How does it work?

  1. Navigate to the Settings - CRM - Talent Fields tab.
  2. Click on "New talent field
  3. This opens a 2-step creation assistant to set up the new field
  4. First you need to provide a label for this field - this will be displayed above the field and will refer to what it will be used for, e.g. Name (All translations for the enabled languages need to be provided by you at this point)
  5. Secondly, a field type must be selected

Currently we support the following field types

  • Checkbox
  • Country (dropdown list with all countries)
  • Location (Google Maps + coordinates)
  • Date
  • E-mail address
  • Document
  • Gender
  • Multiple documents
  • Radio button
  • Field selection
  • Dropdown
  • Yes/No
  • Single-line text field
  • Currency
  • Salary
  • URL Field
  • Phone Number (this creates a clickable phone number on the talents profile. More Infos)

Click "Create" and the new field will be made available in the list and can be used for the talent profile and in talent forms

Form or Profile configuration 

These talent fields are later used to create talent forms and to collect the most important information of talents. But also the same fields will get used to create your Talent Profile and what information should get shown on it.

When you create a new talent form, all created talent fields are displayed and can be added to the talent form in the appropriate order. 


Searchable dropdown input  🔎


The standard dropdown element will now always sort the values by alphabet and you can search for options that contain the relevant word.

From now on you have an overview of all existing tags and how often they are in use. Lastly you can curate a list of tags by creating them before usage and have control over which ones are being used by your recruiters.

Where to find❓

<It is visible only on the talent form when the potential talent types in its relevant information to enter the talent pool or to update its existing profile.>

How to❓

💡 You define this as a talent field with all the different options before you add it to a talent form. The alphabetical order will only show in the talent form and not in the recruiter settings.


When deciding what information should get shown on every talent's profile you will see the same UI to choose from all configured fields.


Edit the talent profile 

To make the talent's profile more organised when editing, there are two different field categories: 

  • The standard fields 
  • The custom fields 

The standard fields will always show when editing an existing talent and can be found under the header about

The custom fields are only displayed when you expand the user-defined fields by clicking on the arrow. 



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