How can I import a list of contacts and store GDPR information?

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To help you set up your CRM system, we have implemented an import function that allows administrators (not recruiters) to upload and import contacts directly into their talent list via an Excel file. What is new is that you can now also store consents already given by contacts in Talentry. This means you can immediately select these newly uploaded contacts as email and campaign recipients. Ideal for importing an existing newsletter distribution list.

This step-by-step guide leads you through the process:

You are in the Recruiter view under the Talents tab. At the top right you will find a drop-down menu "More". Select "Import talents" here.



Step 1 - Upload an Excel file

You can download an example file to see how to structure your own excel file so that it is processed correctly. Currently, the only way to upload contacts is by using the file format we provide. Once the Excel file is ready, you can 'drag and drop' it or upload it into the appropriate area.

Currently, the import is limited to a maximum of 300 talents at once. 


Mandatory contact information: first name, last name and preferred language. All other columns can be added optionally. 


Importing values into a Multi-Select field can be done by separating the values with a semicolon.



Step 2 - Assign properties

In the next step, the user can assign different properties to the contacts. It is possible to assign them to pools or add tags to all the talent leads listed in the Excel file.


Step 3 - Check, upload and manage GDPR consent

In this step, the administrator receives an overview of all contacts that are to be imported. Any errors found in the Excel file are also displayed here. The administrator can download an Excel file containing all contacts with errors, and simply continue the process. The list with errors can then be edited and uploaded again as described.

For existing talent profiles, you can overwrite outdated data with new data if you wish to update. However, it is also possible to leave the existing data records untouched.

In this final step, administrators (not recruiters) can also store the GDPR consent of talent leads and unlock contacts, i.e. release them for contact by email. Please note that in this case you are obliged to store and document the consent for each individual person outside your Talentry CRM system.


If your imported contacts have differing consent expiry dates, your responsible Customer Success Manager or our Support Team will be happy to assist you.

Final Step

The contacts are now being uploaded and will be available in the talent list. Large files may take a bit longer.



Your personal contact person will be happy to assist you with the initial upload.
General support can be found at 


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