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There are many recruiting strategies and sources. And depending on the industry and company, some are more successful - others less so. So, since there is no one-size-fits-all recipe, analysing the performance of your recruiting channels is a crucial factor in optimising your recruitment. With Talentry Source Tracking, you can now understand where recruited candidates originally came from - and have a basis for determining the ROI of your sourcing channels.

Automated source tracking

Sourcing describes the process of searching, identifying and contacting potential candidates. The actual recruiting starts after this sourcing process and includes the processes of screening, interviewing and assessing candidates. In most companies, recruiters also handle sourcing as the first step of the recruitment process.

The big challenge is the seamless tracking of data throughout the entire process chain and often across different IT systems - all the way to hiring. Because only data that is as complete as possible allows a solid evaluation of the RoI of individual channels. Ideally, this should not involve any effort or additional costs for the procurement team. Therefore, Talentry works with an automatic tracking mechanism that assigns a source to each talent profile created in the system.


Strategic and tactical information

Knowing the sourcing sources not only provides answers to strategic questions, but also helps recruiters quickly find important tactical information about talent: who recommended it, which recruiter was responsible for sourcing it, which event or website was the source, and much more. That is why we have created a second layer of information:

Source of strategic information:

  • Active sourcing via social networks with the help of the browser extension
  • Manually created by the recruiter
  • Candidate registered via form
  • Employee recommendation with job assignment
  • Employee recommendation without job assignment
  • Employee who applied for an internal job posting
  • Imported by a recruiter from another system via Excel

Source information for tactical questions:

  • Employee who recommended the talent
  • Recruiter who created, sourced or imported the talent
  • Name of the form that a talent used
  • ID of the job the candidate applied for


Export and analyse

The recruiting source is considered key information about talents, which is why we have made it available in all areas of the Talent Relationship Platform. This way, recruiters can manually add the source including the detailed information to the talent list, track newly created talents and of course use the source as a filter criterion. They can create automation rules and thus distribute candidates to different talent pools based on the sourcing source.

The fields "Source" and "Source information" are available for export. This provides more flexibility in data analysis, e.g. through customised pivot tables, preparing the analysis of KPIs for your recruiting pipeline.


What is the maximum capacity of talents that we can have on our platform?
As of now it is possible to have over 10.000 talents in our system. With an increasing demand, it can happen that the amount of talents will also increase. 


Do you have further questions about sources? Contact us - we will be happy to advise you!

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