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Internal communication is always a challenge, not only in times of crisis and with virtual teams. How do I increase the use of my referral or ambassador programme? But also: How do I reach all employees with other news and messages? Which channels are most effective? With our new feature for internal stories, you now have an additional communication channel that your employees already know and like to use: The Employee Referral Programme.

Employee communication via the Talentry App

According to a recent survey by Deloitte, no other technical achievement has changed our everyday life in the 21st century to such an extent: in Germany, 89 percent of the population now own a smartphone, 94 percent of smartphone owners use it every day, and 4 in 10 even consider their usage to be too high. The probability that your message will reach employees faster via smartphone than via conventional channels such as the intranet or chronically overcrowded company email inboxes is therefore high.

How "Internal Stories" works

  1. Create a story in your Talentry user interface as usual.
  2. Under "Story Visibility" activate the slider that makes your story an "Internal Story".
  3. Your employees will now be informed as usual that a new Story is available. Of course, the story can be accessed not only via the app, but also on a desktop computer or via your regular employee newsletter.
  4. To keep internal information internal, the story is not shareable. The link to the story is also blocked for external users.


This way you can promote your Ambassador Programme, team challenges or new rewards - or use this channel for other important company news.

Would you like to learn more about Internal Stories? Talk to your account manager or contact us at support@cleverconnect.com!

Do you want to learn more? Watch our How-to Video: Internal Communication.



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