How can I manage my reports and add new reports?

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Talentry now offers an additional menu section in your Recruiter view, in which the already available metabase reports can be stored in a structured way and categorised. 


Depending on the modules used, main and subcategories can be added for easy navigation within the reports section.

You have to decide on the title and order for the following elements:

  • Categories (upper and lower categories, if wanted) - Order and title!
  • Displayed reports (in what order do you want the reports to be arranged in the categories and what should they be called).

Please send the desired category structure, together with the respective links to the reports that are to be created, to our Support Team, which will take care of their creation and integration into your Recruiter backend.

Please note that set up can be done only once per customer and that reports are visible to administrators, recruiters as well as super recruiters.


Are you missing a report in your Metabase portfolio for?

CleverConnect offers custom reporting as part of its Professional Services for a fee. Please feel free to contact your Customer Success Manager or our Support Team if you have any questions.

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