Roles & Rights in the CRM

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In this article, we will briefly introduce these different types and describe the possibilities for granting rights.



mostly project managers, sponsors and key users of the platform.

The administrator has unrestricted access to the platform. All setting options are open to him:

  • Creating and inviting new recruiters or managers
  • Allocation of recruiter rights (incl. deletion)
  • Administration of all pools (create/edit/delete)
  • Administration of talent fields (create/assign/edit)
  • Administration of automation rules
  • Management of talents (communication/consent/editing)
  • Managing forms (create/edit/delete)
  • Editing of consent texts
  • Retrieval of reports



The recruiter has the following permissions:

  • Manage private pools (create/edit/delete)
  • Viewing public pools
  • Use of forms
  • Managing talents (communication/consent/editing)
  • Sending campaigns

Super Recruiter 


Super - Recruiters have the same rights as administrators, but cannot manage user/access rights. However, they can see who has which rights. 


How to become a recruiter?

  1. The administrator sends a direct invitation with simultaneous assignment of rights to the new user.
  2. A user can also be subsequently assigned recruiter status by the support



are Hiring Manager, externe Recruiter, etc.

Managers have the following rights:

  • Pool view only
  • View all public pools
  • View the pools shared with him/her
  • Edit talents in the pools he/she has access to

How to become a manager?

The administrator sends a direct invitation to the new user along with the granting of rights.

A user can also be given manager status at a later date. (See image - how to become a recruiter).



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