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Job ads from the different views


On the overview page the recruiter can see all active and inactive job ads. It is possible to search for specific job ads and to edit the job ad using the "Actions" button, for example.




There are six mandatory fields when creating new job ads. These must be filled in by the recruiter before a job offer can be published. For example, the hiring reward is also defined here. After saving the new job offer, it has to be switched to "active".


If you have purchased an integration to your ATS, you no longer need to manually enter the job advertisements and they are imported into Talentry via "Job Sync".

If you select "Actions" - Reports in the drop-down menu, a job ad specific report is created. This report provides a detailed insight into the user KPI's related to the job.

After a job advertisement has been successfully shared by the employee and an application has been received via Talentry, it will appear in the overview in the "Applications" tab of the navigation bar on the left. Each application is assigned a status. However, Talentry only distinguishes between 3 statuses: Open, Hired, Rejected.


Applications can be exported individually by email or via an Excel file (Button: Export).

If you have an integration to your ATS, you will no longer need to manually export/send applications and they will be exported from Talentry via the "Application Sync". The sync usually takes place in 2-minute intervals. The same applies to the status. This is exported back to Talentry via the "Status Sync" and is visible to the employee with a delay. 



The employee first sees new job advertisements on her/his news page. Already from this view it is possible to share jobs or make a referral via "Refer someone". For an overview, the employee can switch to the tap "Open jobs". 

Here employees can search through the entire job advertisements using filter options. From here it is possible to either share the whole job list or a specific job.

Starting from the overview, the employee can also view details of the jobs by clicking on the title of a job ad. When sharing a job, a personalized link is created. This link can later be used to assign incoming applications to the referring employee.


If the gamification feature is enabled, the employee receives points for sharing and for clicks on a posted job ad.




Clicking on a shared link turns a person into a potential applicant. In the first step, he/she sees who shared the job ad and is then forwarded to the job ad itself.

Now the applicant can read through all information about the open position and by clicking on the button "Apply now" he/she is forwarded to an application form.

Application form

The fields of the application mask are freely configurable. The mandatory fields are limited to salutation, first name, last name and email address. These are required by Talentry in order to be able to clearly assign the applicant.

You can also add any number of optional or mandatory fields and configure them individually.

Examples for additional fields: Phone number, Available from, Salary requirements, Degree, Resume, Profile photo, Cover letter, additional attachments etc.

In order to keep the barrier for the applicant as low as possible, we recommend that the number of fields is kept to a minimum - in the best case even only those fields that are specified by Talentry as mandatory fields.

If you have an integration to your applicant management system, the mandatory fields for an application in your ATS must be filled in here.

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