Managing registered employees

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Log in as a recruiter with your address and click on the "Employees" tab on the homepage.
Here you get an overview of all your registered employees.
If you have launched a campaign or carried out another communication measure, you can see here how many new users have registered with your employee referral program.
The number of employees sorted or filtered by locations or departments gives you an indication of where you still need to motivate employees to participate in your referral program. 



Use the "Export" button to export the entire list of the employees. You will receive and excel file with name, e-mail role, company, location, department, registration date, status, unsubscribed from. 

Note: Exporting more than 25,000 user data you will receive the export with a slight time delay by e-mail. 

Delete employees:

You can also delete employees from the system. Simply click on the "Trash-sign" on the right. You also have the possibility of an automated deletion of users after X month of inactivity. If you like to set up this automated process get in touch with you Customer Success Manager. 

Employee status:

There are different statuses that are assigned to an employee in Talentry.

Invited - The employee has been invited to Talentry via the invitation feature but has not yet started the registration process. More information about the invitation feature here.

Registered - The employee is fully registered and has access to all jobs and stories.

Registration incomplete - The employee has started the registration process but has not yet confirmed their registration or has cancelled the process. 

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