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How to create a Talent Form❓

What will happen to the talents❓

How to clone a Talent Form❓

With Talent Forms, it is possible to collect new candidates' profiles in person at job fairs or live events, as well as embed the forms in your Careers page and build ad-hoc Talent Pools.

Talent Forms can serve multiple purposes such as:

  • Capture and collect interesting profiles during a specific event (job fair, hackathon, conference, etc.)
  • Create and nurture Talent Pools which have a specific common source
  • Request to existing Talents in the system to enrich their profile with a specific set of data
  • Automatically send a link to rejected 2nd best candidates you want to stay in touch with
  • Create fully customized forms for each use-case, with the flexibility to include the fields of your interest

Submitting a talent form will now record and extend the talent consent based on the consent settings.


How to create a Talent Form❓

To create a customized form you have to login in to the Recruiter app view and go to Settings > CRM > Talent Forms



Only admins can create new talent forms. However, recruiters can get access to the form page with limited rights and thus copy the link of the forms for further usage. 

Then, you have to set a Title and a language



You can select all the available fields you want to include in your form.

By default First Name, Last Name, and E-Mail address are already included.

You can decide the order of the field when checking in the fields on the left column.

Those fields that must be mandatory for the candidate to fill in, can be flagged as "required" just by checking the tickbox on the right of the field.

By clicking on the "edit" icon (pencil), it is also possible to change the text of the field label and the placeholder.



If you want to create new custom fields to add to a form, read this.

It is possible to customize the form by adding a title, a short description and by changing the colors of the button and of the texts



Drag & Drop feature👆

When you have created Talent Field, they will appear in the left-hand site column. After choosing one by ticking it, it appears in the right-hand site column. 
If the Talent Field is selected, you can drag and drop it using the six dots symbol going up or down. Now you can arrange the Talent Fields in a much more efficient way.



Once the form is ready, is it possible to embed it into a page or directly send the link to the Talent that will land on a dedicated page



What happens to the talents❓

You decide what will happen exactly. There is the possibility

  • to automatically create a new pool with a form, in which all talents end up,
  • or the talents will be assigned to an already existing pool
  • or no further action is performed. The profile is only supplemented / revised by the new information, but not assigned to a pool.



How to clone a Talent Form❓

Cloning a form keeps all of the original form’s setup and allows quick create/edit option. This provides a quick way for you to add new forms (similar/almost identical forms are used to sign-up talents from events, campaigns, etc.)

To clone a Talent Form therefore you have to view recruiter view, click on settings and through the following path ⚙️> CRM > Talent forms


Within the Talent form view, you should get displayed Talent forms that you have probably created before.

Here you have to click on the three dots which are in the last column of this view.


Now another sub-window appears where you can clone the form.


And here, you can proceed through the same process when creating a new Talent form.


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