How can Reminders improve self-organization and team collaboration?

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Reminders are a great tool to enhance both the collaboration within the recruitment team and the organization of the personal workflow. Reminders are directly attached to a Talent and can be created on the Talent profile page in the Recruiter view of the app.


Using reminders will result in a better relationship with your Talents. You can create reminders and assign them to yourself, someone else, or a whole team. This way you can make sure to never miss an opportunity to stay in touch with your high potential talents.

What are Reminders?

Reminders consist of a notification you can set up for yourself or other members of your team. This notification will be sent out to you or to the designated assignee on the date and time you selected.

What problem do Reminders solve?

Talents that cannot be actioned on immediately, get often forgotten or they are not contacted again at the right time. With Reminders, you can plan ahead in time the communication with those interesting profiles you want absolutely to win.

Why are Reminders important?

For example, if a Talent is ready to move on with their career 6 months from now, we need to get in touch with them at the right time to be able to convert this person into a new hire. With Reminders, this is possible in the easiest possible way.


In this article you can find how to:

  • create and assign a reminder
  • edit or delete a reminder
  • mark a reminder as completed
  • manage reminders notifications

Create and assign a Reminder

To create a reminder you click on the alarm clock icon in the Talent profile


Then, you have to set a date, a time, and a description text and you have to select the person who will be reminded (assignee). This can be yourself or other members of your team.


Once the reminder is created, it will be visible on the Talent's profile page.

In the reminder card, it is indicated the date and time, the text, and the person who will be notified (assignee).



Edit or delete a reminder

It is also possible to edit or delete the reminder by clicking on the "..." icon


Mark a reminder as completed

If the action requested in the reminder is completed before the due date, it is possible to mark the reminder as completed. By doing so, the card will disappear from the Talent's profile. This action can be undone only before leaving the Talent's profile page.


Manage Reminders notifications

Reminders notifications are configurable: you can decide, as a user, if you want to receive this kind of notification or mute them. To do so, go to Settings > My account > Notifications. You can choose between getting an instant notification e-mail or not getting notified at all.


How does a Reminders notification look like?

A reminder notification e-mail is a text email that will be sent out on the designated date and time, and it will report the name of the Talent this reminder is referred to, the description text, and a direct link to the Talent profile.


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