How to add a global footer to all Talent Campaigns

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It is a legal requirement to add official company contact details or a signature to each campaign, identifying a company as the sender. Now you can set up a global footer that will automatically be attached to all of your talent campaigns. 


Your chosen tenant name will always be the sender name of the Campaign. 



  1. To create a global footer go to your settings » Talent campaigns » Footer. 
  2. Start creating your footer. 
  3. Here you can choose between the Talentry Editor or HTML Code and you also need to give it a name. 
  4. What options you have when using the Talentry Editor can be found in this article




  • Save your footer and activate it! 
  • From now on this will be automatically be included in all your Talent Campaigns 


Examples of what the footer can include:

  • Name of the Company
  • Contact information
  • Unsubscribe link
  • Link to your privacy policy 


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