How do I create my own templates for talent campaigns?

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In this article we show you how to create a new campaign template and how you can use it later. 

» You can also watch our Live Tutorial «


»check out our pre-build HTML templates «


How do I create a new template?

To create a template, go to the Settings of the Recruiter App.

Settings > Talent Campaigns > Templates

Click on "Create template



There are 2 options to choose from in the creation process: 


1. Choose between the Talentry Editor or HTML code.


⚠️ Warning!

Without having assigned a title to the template, you cannot proceed further! 


2. Enter a subject and the content of the email template.



💡 Tip!

To have a better experience when using the editor, you can use the fullscreen view feature, that lets you go into an immersive view and create/edit the template having an easy access to the editor tool-bar on top.

To enter and exit this fullscreen view, you have to click on the icon in the pink circle as shown in the images below:



3. You can now call up the preview of the campaign template or send yourself a test email if you wish.



Using and sending a template  

Before sending, you can also select whether the campaign should be sent now or at a later time.



At any point in the process, there is the option to save the campaign as a draft. 

All campaigns contain a link at the end of the text which recipients can use to unsubscribe. Currently, the landing page cannot be customised for this. 

Campaigns saved as drafts are marked as such in the campaign overview and can be recalled and edited or deleted at any time.


Our Live Tutorial 

In this webinar recording our UX Designer gives a tutorial on how to create and use the talent campaign templates

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