How can I measure the success of Talent Campaigns?

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For future talent campaigns, it helps to see how many emails might have bounced or how many people actually opened and clicked through the campaign content. Get insights into each campaign and see which talent leads are affected in the linked report. 


Campaign Stats 





The number of talent leads who we could send the emails to, without getting an error from the receiving email server.

Percentage calculation: [Emails delivered]/[Recipients selected]

Not every campaign will be able to reach 100% of its recipients. There are many reasons why delivering the email might not be possible. Maybe the email address does not exist due to a typo error, or the person's inbox simply full.

The % of delivered emails will be shown (1) in the campaign list and (2) on the campaign detail screen.

  Open Rate (OR)

The number of people who opened the email. For this to tracked, the recipient has to allow loading images or click a link inside the email.

Percentage calculation:
[People who opened the email]/[Successfully delivered emails]

The open rate gives a good indication of the performance in respect of the information one can see without opening the email. Usually this includes your subject line, the first line of text and the trust that recipients attribute to you as sender.

As useful as this metric is, it is hard to measure correctly due to technical limitations that come with emails. It is a great way to compare the performance between campaigns, but should not be taken at face value to determine how many people actually read the content.

Click-through Rate (CTR)

The number of people who clicked at least one link, based on the number of people who opened the email.

Percentage calculation:
[Talents who clicked]/[Talents who opened]

The click-through rate measures the performance of your content. It is highly recommended to add at least one call to action to your emails, such as a link or button. Talentry will automatically track the clicks that have been made. This way, you can measure the success of your campaign.

"View talents"

All the above stats give you some initial information about the campaign performance, but you do not know which talent leads are affected. 

If you click on view talents next to the performance rate you will get forwarded to the Metabase link where you can see a list of talent leads for each of the performance stats. 



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