What are Talent Campaign Templates?

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What is a campaign template?

A template is a ready-to-use framework you can create and reuse whenever you want to send a campaign message, without spending too much time formatting or drafting each new email from scratch.

Whether you want to save a specific formatting for an email or reuse a piece of content you like, you can create a template with those characteristics and apply it to every new campaign you create.


Which problems do templates solve?

  • Creating and sending a campaign message manually can be a very slow and unstructured task.
  • Campaigns created from scratch can result in inconsistencies and easily deviate from your company’s brand and corporate identity guidelines.
  • If you run the same campaign more than once, you need to store these messages and content somewhere else outside the system, which is not ideal.
  • You can share templates within your team to increase consistency in layout and messaging - and of course save time.


Why are templates important?

Campaign templates are a game-changer when you want to save time and ensure high quality and consistency when creating talent campaigns. Here are just a few examples of how email templates can save time and provide a consistent candidate experience when working in teams:

  • Integrate standard copy (e.g. invites for talent pool or event registration, greetings or salutations, etc.) or visual elements (e.g. company logos, award logos, social media icons and links, etc.) in every template.
  • You can also set up a basic template containing just logos and social media information and then add customized text to save time and ensure consistency.
  • Use standard copy for special target groups (e.g. apprentices, software developers, marketing specialists, etc.) and share this with the entire team.
  • Use standard copy for special purposes (e.g. talent pool invitations, events, communicating a delay in answering, etc.)
  • Build a template with a special layout and design that can be reused (e.g. for events, special campaigns, etc.).


In this articles you can find how to:

Where can I keep track of all the templates and see if and when they have been used?

In ‘Settings’ you have an overview of all the templates that have been created and saved, when they were last used and how many campaigns each template has been used for.



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