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Talentry can be activated in different system languages. Texts can then be stored in the selected languages. Only core elements of the platform are automatically stored in these activated languages. This means that all customer-specific texts (terms of use, data protection regulations, company texts, application form fields, texts for job advertisements, etc.) must be translated by the customer and delivered to Talentry before the language is activated.

Each user can change the language settings in his account settings at any time. Basically, the platform uses the default browser language of the respective user - if this is not available, the default language stored in Talentry is used.

ℹ️ IMPORTANT: A language selection must be made before the set up of the platform. Languages can be activated afterwards, but cannot be deactivated again.

ℹ️ For the language German you can also choose between formal & informal. By default, the personal address with "Du" is selected here.



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