Consent Management (CRM)

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This article refers to the consent management of CRM modules & general referral applications. 

Consent from talents can be collected via various options.

  • Consent via a talent form
  • Consent via a link made available to the talent outside of the CRM system, e.g. via email.
  • Consent via a system-generated email (configurable)

The consent texts are stored in the system independently by you during onboarding and can be edited later by the administrator at the same point.

  • Consent text that is stored for the form and the consent link.
  • Consent email

Additionally, you define an expiry date for the consent form.

AND here's how:

Log in to your Talentry platform as an admin.

The configuration screen can be accessed under Settings - CRM - Consent Management. 


2. 1. Edit consent (consent text)

In the following window, the expiry period for the obtained declaration of consent can be defined in the first step. This results in an individual expiry date for each talent. If the date is in the past, the talent is displayed as blocked. Consent must then be collected from the talent again so that it can be unblocked. 

In the second step, a consent text must be stored for each selected language. 


There is an introductory text and a consent question to define. You can get our standard text in your onboarding space or from your CSM.  


Don't forget to save it! 

This is what it looks like in a talent form:



2. Email 




The consent e-mail can be designed by clicking the edit e-mail button.

In the e-mail, you must define one version for each stored language.


The subject and body of the email must be defined. In both cases, it is possible to use variables / placeholders, e.g. for addressing the talent personally (First Name, Last Name) or the company name (Tenant name). 

It is also important to include a consent link. This takes the talent to a landing page where the consent is given. 


Don't forget to save it! 


That is how the Email will then look: 


And this is how the landing page will look like: 



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