How can I share a talent pool?

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How to share a pool in CRM

If you work in teams, you might want to share talent pools with team members - or also with with hiring managers to allow them to browse and evaluate candidates. 


Pool Owner

When users create a talent pool, they are automatically considered owners of that pool.

Pool ownership helps users to identify who is responsible for everything related to that particular pool.

Both the owner and the people with whom the pool is shared are visible in the Talent Pool list/grid view.




Share with everyone

A pool can be shared with the whole organization ("Share with everyone"). This means every recruiter in the Talentry system will have access to this pool. This also includes newly created accounts that have been added after the pool was set up.

The owner or an administrator can revoke the "Share with everyone" setting at any time; and share the pool with a restricted number of people. All other users in the organization will then lose access to this pool.



Share with specific people

A pool can be shared with a restricted number of people. This can be done by the owner at the time of creating that pool or after the pool has been created. The owner or an administrator can change these settings at any time.

It is possible to edit the sharing option from the pool’s list/grid view or from the edit screen.

Once the pool is shared with a limited number of users, only those with whom the pool is shared will have access to it. These users will be shown with avatars in the pool’s list/grid view and on the ‘Pool details’ page itself.



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