How can I change my email address for sending campaign messages and updates?

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In email marketing, the sender of a message plays a significant role. If I know the company, the chances of me opening the email increase dramatically. This is why we now offer you the possibility of sending your Talentry emails using a company address. This has another important benefit: both your own employees and external talent leads can contact you via this mailbox. 

Why is a company address useful? 
Talent leads and employees can see straightaway that the email is from your company and will classify the message as trustworthy and relevant. This increases the open rate and thus the efficiency of your email campaigns. Another plus point is that your company address can  also receive emails and serve as the sender or receiver in any further conversations with talent leads. This makes your communication consistent and understandable, and adds to the visibility of your brand.

What challenges does a company address tackle? 
Until now, we have used a so-called "no reply" address, i.e. a sender address that does not allow replies. This is fairly common but, under certain circumstances, depending on the recipient's email provider, can lead to emails being automatically classified as spam. A company address with a reply option helps to prevent spam happening. It also allows recipients to reply directly to your email, makes contact options in your email text unnecessary and improves the candidate experience. 

How can I set up my company address? 
Changing the sender and recipient in your Talentry account requires some technical settings to ensure the future deliverability of your emails. Therefore, changing your email address is subject to a one-off service fee. 

Would you like to find out more about switching to a company address? Just get in touch with us! 

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