Key-Elements: Companies, Locations, Departments

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Companies, Locations, Departments

For larger groups of companies, there is the possibility of creating several companies (mandates), locations and departments in Talentry. This division is reflected in all views of the Talentry platform users.

The recruiter will come across these 3 mandatory fields when creating a new job ad. In addition, stories can only be published for specific companies, locations and areas and the recruiter rights can be set up separately for each assigned company.

The employee will be asked for company, location and department during the registration process. These are added to his or her list of interests. With this assignment he will be informed in the automatic newsletter of all job ads and stories related to these areas. In addition, the employee can filter the overview of jobs and stories according to these factors.

In the job advertisement the applicant sees information about the company (incl. logo), location and department.

ℹ️ IMPORTANT: If the ATS is connected via interface, it is necessary to adopt the systematics of the ATS in order to ensure a smooth transfer of job advertisements, applications and status.



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