How do I create a new Job in the Employee Referral Program?

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Without a connection to your ATS

Job ads

Log in as a recruiter with your Talentry-URL and click on the "Job ads" tab on the left hand side.


Create a new job

  • Click on "Create new job" and enter all relevant information. Also take a look at how you can format your job description beautifully and quickly.
  • If you have stored several languages with your instance, you must also insert the job information (titel & description) in all languages you have enabled.  Simply click on the language symbols under "Job title" and "Job description".


What else you should know:

  • When you set the amount of the reward to 0 (zero) no indication of a reward will be visible for the employee
  • It is possible to select multiple locations and departments 
  • Contact person, contact person Tel. and contact person e-mail are visible for the employees, external applicants as well as for the referrer
  • Make sure you use the right format for the telephone number (starting with +[0-9][0-9] (e.g. +49) or starting with 0) - Wenn the format is correct the number is clickable and your employees or applicants an easily reach out to ask job-specific question
  • If you have also activated internal mobility you can choose between internal only or public.
  • Additionally, there is an optional field for so-called "Custom Tags". This enables you and your employees to filter jobs more easily afterwards. The following options are available for the usage of custom tags:

    •  Use for User Tagging

    •  Mandatory for User Tagging

    •  Use for Job Tagging

    •  Mandatory for Job Tagging

    •  Expose as Job Filter

Talentry creates the Custom Tags for you. Make sure to tell your CSM or the support team which tags (title, filter options and usage) you want to add. 

  • NEW FEATURE: allows you to choose the email address that receives notifications about new applications (multiple selection possible by separating the email addresses with ",")
    - the email address can also be a shared inbox
  • You can add images in the code editor when they are already published on another website of your company. 

An upload of images in Talentry is not possible.

If Internal Mobility is in your subscription plan included you see an additional dropdown field. If you only like to publish a job ad internally choose "yes" instead of "no" which is selected by default. 

If you are done, hit "Create Job"

Publish your newly created job ad

By default, all new job ads have the status "inactive" after creation. The job ad must be activated by the recruiter before it is visible for your registered employees. 

JobActivate_EN.webpFor information on how to adjust job postings after they have been created, and which information reports on individual job postings contain, please refer to the article "Editing job postings".

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