Inserting HTML code into Talent Campaigns

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What is an HTML campaign?

It is a regular email created by importing a "ready-made" block of code, instead of creating it manually with text, images and links.

Which problem does it solve?

We know how much your company cares about its brand and corporate identity. With HTML campaigns, it is now possible to create and send emails from Talentry that are fully aligned to your company's brand and CI, and are no different from any other email you send from your own email client.

How to create an HTML Campaign

It is possible to create a fully customised campaign using your branded content emails by importing an HTML code block into Talentry.

  • In the Recruiter view of Talentry app, go to Talent Campaigns > Create Campaign.
    Select "Insert HTML code"


  • In "Create your message" (3rd step), just paste your HTML code block into the code editor.


  • In the last step "Check and send", you can see the preview of the email as well as send a test email to make sure everything looks the way you want.


Using Merge Tags

It is possible to add merge tags to HTML campaigns, as well as to campaigns created in the text editor.

Merge tags are placeholders that will be automatically replaced at the time of sending the campaign email.

Documentation about adding these merge tags is in a link below the code editor:


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