Creating a story (Guideline)

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Find the following topics below:

  1. Brainstorming and collecting ideas
  2. Review of ideas according to time spent, resources & applicability 
  3. Content planning
  4. Creation & publication on Talentry  
    1. Create a story on Talentry 
    2. Link to an existing website Creation & publication of a Talentry Story & editing a story after it has been published


1. Brainstorming and collecting ideas


First of all you should have a brainstorming session in a large circle about which content you want to share via the Stories Module. In this case, the quantity of ideas is the first thing to consider.


2. Review of ideas according to time spent, resources & applicability

The next step is to sort and categorise the ideas. In addition, an evaluation should be made according to time spent, resources required and the probability of implementation. In this step, existing content can also be viewed.


3. Content planning

After the evaluation of the contents, prioritization should be visible. The communication department and HR agree on these priorities and provide resources for implementation. Our experience has shown that clients who work with Project Management Tool/Excelliste and clearly divide responsibilities, in this case, are very successful.


4. Creation & publication on Talentry

Based on the planning from the step before, the contents are created according to the responsibility. If necessary, in Talentry or on an external website. The publication can be done immediately or scheduled. It is also possible to save a draft.

Talentry guides you through the creation of a new story with the help of questions. The first question is about the type of publication. Talentry offers you two ways to publish a story:


a. A story on Talentry

The story content is created on the Talentry platform (left side). You can rewrite the story, or copy & paste content from an existing website (please note that you must have the rights to use the content). A big advantage here is that you can display matching jobs (max. 3) for each story. 

b. Link to an existing website

It links directly to an existing website, such as a blog article, your career website or a press release. Talents will be taken directly to the external website when they click, so this option will not display matching jobs. 



a. A Story on Talentry

Creating content:

If you decide to create a story on Talentry, you are free to design the story in our WYSIWYG editor or import content from a website via our bot.

Title, short description and cover image can be customized. All content is displayed in the editor and can also be edited individually.


To enable your employees to filter the content according to certain topics, it is possible to assign tags for stories.

You also have the choice to publish the story internally only. This way your employees can notshare it externally and you can use it as an additional information channel. Assign_tags.webp



Define target group:


Stories can only be made visible for specific companies, locations and areas. This setting option is hidden behind the target group.


Publication settings & job matching:


When a story about Talentry is created, job offers can also be attached. For each talent that looks at the story, we display 3 jobs at the bottom of the page. You can either specify some or all 3 jobs yourself, or we offer to "combine them intelligently". The logic is

  • If 3 positions are selected and the co-worker has access to all positions (company-wide rules), we show all positions

  • If the co-worker cannot access all three locations, we automatically fill the missing places by selecting jobs that are close to the location, department and or company.

  • If there was no location ever made available, we take the co-worker and look for 3 locations that are close by by location, company and department.

Finally, the publication settings are required. The publication of a story can be scheduled accordingly or just saved as a draft.



b. Link to an existing website

Add the link to existing website in the appropriate field. You will find a preview on the right side. If you like it you can also add a short description and tags.

The publication will be planned directly in this window. But the target group is selected in the next window as usual.

These stories can also be made available "only internally".


Edit the story description after it has been published 

When a story is generated in Talentry via a link, the system automatically takes the short description for that story that is provided on your website. When employees share the story on social media, this description is displayed as a preview on some platforms, e.g. LinkedIn. We all know: The right messages increase engagement and therefore the reach of your stories. Which is why you can edit the story description and adapt it to your needs.



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