What is Employee Advocacy?

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Videos, team photos, insights from the last event: Make these stories available in Talentry Advocacy & Employer Branding - your employees will do the rest and share them in their social media channels. Do you already have a blog or social media presence? You can quickly and easily make this content available via Talentry by simply linking to the post. By the way: With one click you can also make your stories available exclusively to your own employees and thus have an additional channel for internal communication.

Companies and HR departments are facing huge challenges in recruiting: 

  • demographic change
  • lack of specialists 
  • and continuously changing demands on the job.

Frequently, attempts are made to meet these challenges with extensive
employer branding campaigns.
However, a significant potential often remains untapped:

its own employees. 

And this, although these are probably the most authentic brand ambassadors you could wish for.
Watch our Talentry Stories video to see how you can build a strong employer brand through an Employee Advocacy platform and learn how Talentry Stories works.



Ideas for Stories

Content for external Use

  • Job profiles /Employees introduce themselves

  • Company profile

  • Working Culture

  • Corporate values

  • What is important for us in an application

  • Tour through our office // Location Stories

  • These are current projects

  • These are our brands

  • Innovations

  • Image film

  • We support charity projects

  • Friday Evening Beer - come and visit us

  • Sustainability - This is our contribution

  • ….

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