Employee Referrals: More engagement through push notifications for Talentry users

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Use automated push notifications in the Talentry app to inform your employees about new jobs, stories or referral status updates.

Talentry offers various engagement features to motivate your employees to be more active. One of these features concerns push notifications that inform your users about new developments via the mobile app. 

This feature only affects customers using our Employee Referral Programme (ERP)

1. Decide which push notifications your employees should receive 

There are various notifications and automated emails for your employees that you can enable in the system. Push notifications are restricted to the mobile app. 

  • Interesting jobs (1x per week)
  • A contact has applied following your referral
  • A contact has been hired following your referral 
  • A contact you recommended was rejected 

You can decide which push notifications you wish to enable. Please contact our Success Team or Support Team! We will be pleased to do the set up for you.

2. Push stories

Stories can also be shown as push notifications in order to generate immediate interest in your news and encourage employees to participate. You can also specify the text for push notifications here. This can be set up when creating the story:


3. Your employees can also manage their notifications themselves

Every user has the opportunity to set their own notification preferences within the app settings.

Either all push notifications can be on/off or you can choose which individual notifications you wish to receive.



Here you can check/uncheck not only individual notifications for the app, but also a range of email notifications.


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