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On the one hand, there are texts that have to be provided due to legal regulations and on the other hand, texts such as FAQ's that explain Talentry to your employees and are intended as support. All of them are necessary for the platform setup.

Depending on which and how many languages you have chosen in the technical setup, you will have to provide the different texts in each language. If the texts are not provided in another language, the "Default" language will be inserted at this point.

1. FAQs - Help & Guidelines 

They are designed to answer frequently asked questions about the talentry program. Users can always access them through their profile.image-png-Feb-09-2021-08-01-41-38-AM.webp


The FAQs are divided in General, Referrals, Rewards,User Account & Privacy and can be edited with customer-specific questions and answers through our support. Bildschirmfoto_2021-02-09_um_09.webp



2. Imprint

Talantry is obliged to provide an imprint. In addition to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, the Imprint is made available on Talentry in an easily recognizable and immediately accessible form.


3. Help & Feedback 

Help and feedback from your users can be sent via a help form provided by Talentry which is visible on the bottom of the users interface.

The feedback is sent to the email address chosen by the customer.

Use this function to provide first level support for users, receive feedback from users and respond to requests for help. If questions are to technical, Talentry's support is always available via

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