Branding - Design the Platform of your Employee Referral Program

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1. Registration / Welcome page (Employee view)


You can edit:

  • Program title
  • Program subtitle
  • Background picture / wallpaper  
  • Registration button 

These texts must also be submitted in all selected languages

2. NewsFeed / News page (Employee view)


You can edit:

  • Program logo (top left)
  • Image Newsfeed header (CI Image)

3. Job posting (Applicant view) - Desktop and Mobile Version 



You can edit:

  • Program logo (top left)
  • Image in the background of the job title
    • Choose two different sizes for a desktop and mobile version
  • Company logo (right side)

4. Share-Image (Applicant view)

Whenever an employee shares a job in a social network that supports the non-square exchange of images, we automatically generate an image that captures the job title and backs it with an image or CI color.


The standard share image:

  • Translates the intro text in the language that the user who is sharing has set
  • The font of the job title is changed dynamically depending on the length of the title. (We will try to fit it in 3 lines with the maximum font size, then we will reduce the font size iteratively. As soon as all the text fits into 3 lines, we will stop reducing and render it. When the minimum font size is reached, we will stop reducing, cut the text after 3 lines with "...")
  • The color of the job title is taken from the contrast color of the company.
  • Background color is the color of the company brand
  • The logo is dependent on the company (client)

You can edit:

  • Background image (only one image per company can be stored) 
  • Font color of the job title 


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