Email Deliverability with CleverConnect

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Employing world-class infrastructure

CleverConnect uses AWS's best-in-class email service SES to send all its mails. AWS SES implements several tools to optimize deliverability, all of which CleverConnect uses.

CleverConnect has a dedicated IP to ensure no other AWS customers interfere with its reputations and therefore guarantee high deliverability.

We continuously monitor our sender reputation, and our team takes immediate action should we be notified of any problems.


Using best practices and industry standards

CleverConnect uses both of the two most common ways of authenticating and validating the mails it sends:

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM).

In conjunction, both guarantee maximum email deliverability, whether you're using a custom sender address or our standard (


For more information on email deliverability and AWS SES, check out these links:

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