How does the Gamification Leaderboard work?

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Gamification ensures greater activity in your referral programme. Use leaderboards to create additional impetus.

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A Leaderboard - What is it?

Many games thrive on competition. Leaderboards are nothing else than ranking lists of all players. Gamification can also be enriched by leaderboards. In the case of an employee referral or ambassador programme, the leaderboard lists the most active employees, ranked according to the number of points achieved, with the goal of motivating each individual to achieve a high ranking.


Why should I use leaderboards? 

Gamification is first and foremost designed to create incentives to mobilise and motivate your employees to generate more referrals or reach for your ambassador programme. In addition to a points system as a basis for so-called micro-incentives (i.e. rewarding small actions such as shares and clicks), rewards are one way to stimulate greater activity. But some employees also love competition. And that's where leaderboards come in. 

You should think about introducing a leaderboard if

  • Gamification works well in general, but you are thinking about additional incentives aside from rewards
  • Your corporate culture tolerates or even encourages competition
  • Your employees share this spirit

Leaderboards are a controversial topic, especially in Germany. While some feel motivated by direct competition, others may be demotivated by the apparent unattainability of a top ranking. For this reason, it is generally advisable to get all stakeholders in the company (e.g., works council and data protection officers) to agree to the publication of your employees' scores before introducing a leaderboard.

What does the Leaderboard look like?

The leaderboard is automatically integrated into the employee view after it has been enabled. There are two different views:

An overview of the ranking

Users have always had the option to track their activity as well as their own progress under "My achievements". What is new is the leaderboard overview on the right-hand side. This shows the employees in position 1. and 50 with their current scores. If you yourself are logged in and are among the top 50, your own position will also be displayed. 


An extended list with the company's 50 most active users

To get a detailed overview, the user can view the whole list. This shows the top 50 most active users with their current scores. 

The list offers various filter options, for example, to display only certain departments or locations. In addition, there is the option to display only the scores of the last 30 days instead of the entire period. 

To see your own ranking as a user, you can have your own ranking displayed. This way, you know how many points you might still need to appear in the Top 50 Leaderboard list. 



How can I enable the Leaderboard?

The Leaderboard is an add-on feature to Gamification that can be easily enabled for additional employee motivation. To do so, please contact our support team or your personal Customer Success Manager directly.

However, please talk to all stakeholders involved in your company beforehand


Possible configurations of your Leaderboard 

After your employees collected all the points for their actions in Talentry and they request a reward - before they would loose their points and with that also their ranking in the leaderboard. 

Now - you can decide how to handle your employees points score and let us know 

  • Decide if you want all points in the ranking to be counted without subtracting lost points from requested rewards, or if users lose their rank when they request a new reward and thus lose points. 
  • Set a date from which the leaderboard will start counting. This gives you and users the chance to reset the Leaderboard rankings after a while and start again from scratch. 

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