Modifying job ads and related impacts

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Adjust job advertisements even after they have been created and find out about the scope of individual job advertisements.

Log in as a recruiter with your address and click on the "Jobs" tab on the left side.

After creating a job posting, you can view it in the employee view and make any necessary changes. Simply click on Actions and Edit to go to create mode.



If the job offers are no longer current, you can delete them or deactivate them, i.e. unlike deletion, they remain in the overview of your job offers. 

The Status column gives you an overview of the activated job offers and is also filterable. 


Use the reports to view the reach of different job postings and draw useful conclusions for your communication efforts.




Significant changes in job ads: 

Modifying specific parts of a job offer can result in significant changes: 

  1.  This work is considered "new" and can be re-posted in the newsletter with the time stamp of the last modification date.
    > A job can be sent more than once in a newsletter.
  2. The employee news feed is also affected by this and uses this date to sort jobs. We will also use this new date for the "x days ago" pill in the news feed.

What exactly are the significant changes?

  • status changes from inactive to active
  • rewardType has an amount and rewardAmount is bigger than before
  • internalOnly is changed to false
  • locations are changed
  • the departments are modified
  • Job titles are modified

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