What is Gamification and how does it differ from other gamification approaches?

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The Gamification is a reward-based, individual incentive action across the entire recruiting process.


By using Gamification, you provide your employees with continuous motivation and incentives in order to support your HR department throughout the recruiting process. We offer you the possibility to not only award a bonus for the actual hiring, but also to offer incentives during the individual steps of the referral process in the form of points, which can then be redeemed for the gamification rewards you define. To motivate your employees even more, the Employee Referral Program offers the option to enable a Leaderboard showing a list of scores for the top 50 users. 

Gamification is characterised by:



  • Targeted notifications after points have been earned
  • Redeeming points for rewards that can be individually defined (monetary as well as non-monetary) 
  • Employees see their own score progress, but not that of other employees if you don't want this. This means that there is no competition between employees. 
    • There is an option to activate the leaderboard to show all employees the top-users and motivate them even more to get on that list as well.
  • Possibility to collect badges for collecting points
  • Option to reward their employees with points for high quality applications. 

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