How we handle Product Feature Requests

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We want to clarify what happens with product requests internally, how we decide adding them to the roadmap, and on what timeline.

This article helps you to understand our internal process..

Our Customer Success team receives a lot of customer feedback and requests. From the possibility to change a color where it is not possible up to now, up to large changes in the range of functions. Every request is valuable for us since we are working on product improvements day by day and we want our customers to have the best user experience possible. While we want to keep a strong relationship with our customers, customer requests have to be handled with care and need to stay aligned with our strategic product goals.

The first step:

Before we can talk about a possible timeline or an actual feature request we have to make sure to understand the customers need. It is important to find out why exactly that feature is so important and also what end goal stands behind it and whether any existing functionality can solve the problem for now.

Get in touch with our support or your customer success manager to clarify your issue. Together we will find out how to proceed and help you.

Clarify the issue:

In the next step we need to categorise your issue:

  • maybe it is no feature request but a bug (⚒️ ) in the product that needs to be fixed from our side
  • Is there another way to solve the problem (🔄 workaround)? (Previous experiences with customers are taken into account - maybe a suitable solution can be found)
  • no workaround / complete 🆕 new feature request

⚒️ Bugs

Bugs get forwarded to our product team which will start working on a fix right away.

We try to fix bugs as fast as possible and will let you know as soon as it is fixed!

🔄 Workaround

The Customer Success Team looks at the exact problem to be solved. Experience has shown that with a little creativity, an adequate solution is often closer than you think. If we find a quick solution, you are of course the first to know about it! If we don't find a solution, we go straight on to the next step.

🆕 New feature request

We couldn't find a workaround and your issue is no bug that can be fixed? We will then forward your request to our product team and it gets reviewed together with the customer success team. All customer requests are discussed and reviewed from a problem-solving perspective: the goal of the feature, the needs behind it and how often this type of feature is requested - whether other customers have requested the same and what impact this type of feature would have on the overall product itself.

It gets now prioritised by time, benefit and costs with 3 possible outcomes:

  1. If we envision that this request cannot be completed in the next 12 months, we will decline the request. Please resubmit your request after this period, if the challenge persists.
    However, if more customers have a similar request, we will reconsider our decision.
  2. If we envision that this request needs to be delivered, but we cannot provide a firm timeline, we will keep it in our roadmap. We expect this request to be delivered within the next 18 months.
  3. If we have identified this request as a top priority, we will plan to develop it and we will provide a clear timeline on when this request will be completed.

Once a decision is made, this will be communicated with the expected timetable. Usually this process does not take longer than one week.

The internal Process


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