What about the awarding points in the Gamification?

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Find a balance between achieving the score and creating a challenge - determine your own company-specific points system.


You decide how you want to allocate points, but you can use the following recommendations as a guide. Keep in mind that points should be achievable and ambitious at the same time.

The employee referral program has already implemented technical solutions to protect against abuse. Therefore there are no points for...

  • multiple clicks on a link from the same IP address

  • the click on a link by colleagues/the person them self, if they are logged in to your account in the background


This article gives more information about how CleverConnect is protected against fraud 

In addition, achievable point limits based on shares and clicks can be set to contain high upward spikes. 

The Employee referral Program offers different possibilities to set up such point limits:

  • Daily limit for clicks as well as shares, for which the users are rewarded with points. All subsequent clicks and shares are counted and displayed in the "my achievements" view, but not rewarded with gamification points.
  • In addition to the defined daily limit, there can also be set a weekly / monthly limits. Depending on the settings, the weekly or monthly limit can be reached on one day. For the rest of the time you will not receive any Gamification Points. 

Example of a point system:

With how many points you reward you employees for sharing jobs or / and stories will be visible for all the users in the employee view

You can change the point structure at any time by contacting our support team with the new allocation.

  • 2 point per share of Job/Story/Job list (low score to avoid excessive sharing ("Spray & Pray")

  • 10 points per unique click

  • 50 points per application received

Optionally, you may award additional points for high quality applications by mapping your application status and progress for which you would like to award additional points, such as the 1st interview.

  • 50 points for application progress: Interview
  • 100 points for application progress: Hired - Probation period passed


Additionally, the limited amount of points will also be shown to the users, for transparency reasons. This way, they will know how much more points they are able to achieve in a specific period of time. 


Important: You have added a new location? Remember to activate the reward for the new location. Otherwise, neither the rewards nor the score will appear for the employees of the new location (only the activities will be displayed).





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