What is the added value of Gamification for my company?

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With Gamification, not only do employees benefit, but so will your company. 

  • Long-term increase in your hiring rate
    • by motivated employees who use the Employee Referral Program on a regular basis
    • through a stronger employer brand due to employee activity
    • through an increased registration rate due to the gamified approach to job and story sharing.
  • There is no competition between employees and recruiters cannot compare employees. Every user gets the same number of points for their actions and you decide how points are allocated. 
  • You create a new incentive for your employees to share Jobs and Stories. The incentives can also be changed from time to time to create more awareness and motivate employees on a regular basis. 


Still need a little inspiration on what rewards would be great for your employees? Here are a few examples and best practices. 

➡️ Read here to find out what added value Gamification brings to your employees.

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