Manually adding and subtracting gamification points

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For special purposes or one-time promotions, it is now possible to manually award points to employees.

Up until now, gamification points could only be earned by employees through sharing, clicks and applications - now recruiters or administrators can add or subtract points manually.  image-png-Feb-03-2021-04-10-38-12-PM.webp


Why would you need that feature? 

  • one time promotion to encourage employees to register by adding extra points. 
  • as an additional reward for a successful new hire, the employee who recommended that person gets extra points. 

How can you add or subtract points? 

As a recruiter you can select the employee you want to add or subtract points from and click on the "points" symbol on the right. 


Now you can choose how many you want to add or subtract. 


Employees are then notified by email of the change in their score and there is an option to add a personal message to explain why it was changed. 

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