What does the Gamification look like in the employee view?

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During the initial registration, your employees will be given step-by-step instructions on how Gamification works and how they can collect points.

At first employees get to set a goal of their choice from the predefined gamification rewards. 


After a goal has been selected, it is explained for whichactions the users receive how many points. The goal can be changed at any time - just like the rewards that are provided. 


Every time users log in again, they will see a brief overview of the successes they have already achieved and their current score up to the selected goal on the start page (News).

Under my achievements there is a detailed view of the activities and the points that were collected through them. You can see the number of links shared, clicks received and applications generated on them. In addition, users can also always track the status of the applications they have generated. Furthermore, the page includes an explanation of how many points there are for which activity. Thus, full transparency is guaranteed.


Since our November 2021 product update, there is an option to enable the leaderboard as an additional gamification feature. This will also be visible on the "My achievements" page. 




If you would like more information about the Gamification in general, click here.

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